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Ceramic Sculpture in stoneware and porcelain

Studio Pottery - thrown stoneware and porcelain

Collaborative Work- artwork on pottery

Paintings and portraits in oils and other media

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© The Robert James Studio© The Robert James Studio© The Robert James Studio

© The Robert James Studio© The Robert James Studio© The Robert James Studio

© The Robert James Studio© The Robert James Studio© The Robert James Studio

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Sketches #4  H.52cm

This is our showcase of all-original ceramic sculpture, paintings, studio pottery and collaborative artwork with information about ourselves.

Whether you are just browsing, looking for a present, studio pottery, wishing to purchase or commission a piece of sculpture, portrait or painting . . . we aim to offer something for everyone and we operate a Gift Voucher scheme.

If you don't see what you are looking for, please ask.

All our work is original. Our ceramic sculpture and studio pottery are high-fired to stoneware temperature.
Maryís ceramic sculpture and paintings are forms of individually created artwork.
Bobís studio pottery is mainly functional and all of his work has a strong decorative element.

Our collaborative work consists of Mary's artwork featured on Bob's stoneware vessels.

We invite you, our visitor, to contact us about anything of interest so we may tell you more about.
If something you would like to buy is already sold, then consider commissioning a similar piece at a comparable price. Respecting existing clients, Mary does not produce an exact copy of an earlier sculpture or painting, but this also allows you to own a truly original piece. Repeats of studio pottery items are normally available to order.

Some clients are hesitant to commission a piece of work: If you have an idea for a commission of any sort, please talk to us without obligation. If you need reassurance we can put you in touch with many satisfied clients - some have several pieces of our work.

Remember, by asking questions you are not committing yourself to anything. Thank you for your interest.

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